For Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino to stay out of the race for governor, Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb have to go.

That’s the price of Paladino’s blessing of a GOP candidate for governor and the best deterrent to keeping out of the campaign on the Conservative Party line, he told YNN Buffalo in an interview.

“I think the Republican Party has to ensure that Dean Skelos is no longer the leader of the Republican Senate and Brian Kolb is no longer the minority leader of the Assembly,” said Paladino, the party’s 2010 gubernatorial nominee. “When that’s done, when they come up with a good candidate, I will support that good candidate in running for governor. If they fail to do it, then I will strongly consider the offer that’s made for me by the Conservatives to take the Conservative line and replace the Republican Party with the state of New York with line B.”

Paladino lost in a landsldie to Gov. Andrew Cuomo three years ago.

But he is a proven vote getter in western New York, defeating Cuomo in nearly all the counties west of Rochester.

It’s a potentially problematic situation for establishment Republicans, who are trying to woo Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to launch a statewide candidacy following his landslide victory last week for second term.

Paladino’s anger at the Republican leaders in the state Legislature stem from the view that they’ve worked too closely with or — even worse — failed to effectively speak up and critcize Cuomo during the Democratic governor’s first term in office.

He’s upset with Republicans who “sell us out to the Democrats and progressives.”

Of course, the Cuomo and Senate Republican relationship is a bit more complicated, however.

As a matter of self-preservation, Republicans in the Senate have allowed votes and some cases had members who support a host of Cuomo legislative victories ranging from gun control to gay marriage. At the same time, Senate GOP lawmakers have featured Cuomo in their ads, a move the governor didn’t complain about.

But in recent months the Cuomo-Senate dynamic following a debate over abortion rights and the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.

The Assembly Republican minority, meanwhile, is virtually powerless against a giant Democratic majority in the Assembly.

To be sure, few New Yorkers have actually heard of Dean Skelos and even fewer are aware of Brian Kolb.

But it is not hard to imagine Paladino spending a good portion of summer 2014 referring to the GOP standard bearer as Rob “AstoRINO” despite the latter’s conservative stances in a potential three-way race.