The third (perhaps final?) piece of mail from the pro-casino coalition New York Jobs Now arrived in my mailbox at the end of this week.

Unlike the first two, this mail piece doesn’t include pictures of smiling construction workers or school children.

All three pieces were addressed to me (I’m a registered independent).

Instead this mailer uses voter imagery and refers to the amendment as “Prop 1.”

The mailer also reminds voters that in most counties the flip side of the ballot is where to find the amendment. Voters will consider six different amendments to the state Constitution.

And the mailer touts the newspaper endorsements of the amendment, including The New York Observer, The Star-Gazette of Elmira and Rochester’s The Democrat and Chronicle.

But as with the previous mailers, the word “casino” is not prominent. It appears twice on the mail piece (two TV ads released in recent days mention “casino” once in its script).

Instead, the pro-casino ad campaign has concentrated on the claims that property taxes would be reduced and school aid increased, as would the number of jobs upstate (similar language appears before voters on the ballot come Tuesday).

New York Jobs Now is a consortium of casino companies and labor organizations that would benefit from the expansion.

The most recent batch of 24-hour notices at the end of the week revealed unions and labor organizations totaling $675,000, in addition to Genting New York, contributed to the group.