Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted his efforts to make New York more friendly to businesses while cutting taxes before a crowd of about 40 to 60 people at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser this morning.

Our D.C. bureau reporter Michael Scotto spoke with Ben Barnes, a longtime Washington lobbyist and former lieutenant governor of Texas who attended the event.

Barnes said Cuomo “talk about economic development, talked about cutting taxes, making New York state more friendly to business and make certain your educational requirements were being met.”

Overall, the pitch was very New York centric, focusing on portraying the state as competitive.

“He said New York is back in the game and is going to be a very serious contender for the economic growth that is going to take place in the United States,” Barnes said.

No mention was made of New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s proposal to raise taxes on those making $500,000 and more in order to fund universal pre-Kindergarten. But Cuomo did vow that he would not let New York be known as the highest taxed state in the country.

Cuomo has indicated he plans to push for a tax cut in next year’s budget and that he expects the coming budget to run a surplus given a self-imposed 2 percent cap on spending over the last several years.

Cuomo was in Washington last night to attend the Kennedy Center Honors, and later today is scheduled to appear at the Democratic Governors Association.

It was not immediately clear how much money was raised at the event, but the fundraiser comes after Cuomo held a large event at Roseland with Billy Joel in honor of the governor’s 56th birthday.