As Rep. Charlie Rangel announces his intention to run for a 23rd term in the House, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat is not ruling out another primary against the longtime Harlem Democratic lawmaker.

Espaillat, of course, came within a hair’s breath of defeating Rangel in the 2012 primary.

In a statement, Espaillat said the distirct needs “new energy, new leadership.”

“I am proud of the campaign that I ran nearly two years ago, and the progressive ideas we put forward. Since then, voters in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx have watched as Washington has failed to take action on one critical issue for our district after another. Today, as it was two years ago, we need new energy, new leadership and a renewed sense of urgency.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a last-minute endorsement of Rangel in June, who would ultimately win the Democratic primary following a lengthy recount.

An Espaillat campaign would make him the second member of the Senate to launch a Congressional campaign. Sen. Lee Zeldin is running for the Republican nomination to take on Rep. Tim Bishop in the NY-1 in Suffolk County.