New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox on Friday blamed Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the string of sexual harassment cases popping up in the state Assembly.

The case of Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, accused of harassing at least three women according to a notice of claim filed, comes after a year in which Assemblyman Micah Kellner was accused of harassing aides and after allegations of abuse and mistreatment of staffers by Assemblyman Vito Lopez surfaced in a report from the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

While Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has borne the brunt of the criticism for the cases (there’s no evidence that Silver knew of the cases against Gabryszak and complaints against Kellner stopped at an aide’s desk), the state GOP says it’s New York’s top Democrat who is really to blame for failing to stop the harassment.

“While Sheldon Silver was fighting to hold power this summer after revelations that he covered up sexual abuse, yet another member of his Democrat caucus was abusing young female staff members,” Cox said in a statement. “The pattern of abuse facilitated by Sheldon Silver is a dark stain on our State. And when Andrew Cuomo was given the opportunity to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Silver and root our corruption in Albany, he opted instead for a political Moreland Commission to promote his political goal of taxpayer-funded campaigns. Today’s reports prove that the Democrats’ culture of corruption is alive and well in Albany. And Andrew Cuomo hasn’t acted to stop it.”