Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Cathy Nolan in a letter to state Department of Education Commissioner John King raised issues with the plan to share potentially sensitive student data with an outside vendor.

The letter follows a hearing that included testimony critical of an outside vendor, InBloom, to collect data on students in order to help teachers individualized plans for the classroom. The data collection also helps fulfill requirements for $700 million in Race to the Top funding.

The company is funded in part by coalition of wealthy charities.

But state lawmakers want to delay the implementation of the data collection for at least one year, according to legislation in both the Senate and Assembly.

“As a result of the hearing, we find ourselves with serious concerns about the State Education Department’s plan to share sensitive student data with InBloom. Many of the witnesses at the hearing presented moving and credible testimony about the potential flaws of this plan,” Silver and Nolan wrote in the letter.

Parents have raised concerns about inBloom, and the collection plan is actually the subject of a lawsuit in New York City.

Under the Race to the Top requirements, the Education Department is expected to collect information such as demographics, parental contacts, out-of-school suspension records, course outcomes and state assessment scores.

Here’s the letter:

Assembly Privacy Hearing Follow Up by Nick Reisman