After concerns were raised by some local gun control advocates, two national organizations that produced rankings of the states’ gun control laws bumped its rating for New York from a B+ to an “A-“, according to a revised report.

Leah Gunn Barrett, the executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said the national organizations that produced the report, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign, didn’t fully take into account the strength of the state’s regulations.

“I think our gun permitting system has been a little misunderstood by some of the national groups,” she said. “I think they recognized that in changing it. It’s stronger than the federal standard and I think they took that into account.”

The new ranking puts New York’s gun laws on the same footing as California, New Jersey, Maryland and Connecticut.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence initially released a statement praising the B+ rating, and Barrett said her organization didn’t contact the Law Center or the Brady Campaign to protest the ranking.

“Not us, directly, but there may have been some others who contacted them,” she said.

As for the revised grade, Barrett said her group is pleased, but “an A- is not an A and there’s still some work to do.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo successfully pushed through a gun control law last January, the first measure to strengthen gun control laws after the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut last year.

The law measure that has drawn the ire of gun-rights groups here in New York and nationally. Cuomo’s popularity suffered as a result of the measure, known as the SAFE Act, especially among Republicans and in the upstate region.