After Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney said in a Capital Tonight interview that it would be a “mockery” for the Moreland Commission to investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a statement Tuesday afternoon pushed back.

Mahoney told Liz on the show Monday evening that the focus was always meant to be on the Legislature.

“I think we’re making a mockery of this whole process if we try to pretend that a group of us that’s been appointed by the attorney general and the governor is investigating the attorney general or the governor,” she said…. I never subscribed to that notion to start with, and there has been no conversations inside the Moreland Commission to do anything other than address public corruption and these instances that are outlined in this report, which are all legislative.”

While the commission was formed at Cuomo’s behest, Schneiderman granted the commission members the power of deputy attorneys general in order to inoculate the panel against separation of powers claims.

“I respectfully but strongly disagree with County Executive Mahoney’s view,” Schneiderman said. “As stated in the Executive Order creating the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, its mandate is not limited to the legislative branch of the government. In fact, the Moreland Act itself identifies executive branch agencies as a proper subject of inquiry. The Commission has the jurisdiction and is fully empowered to investigate all parts of the New York State government.”

Cuomo himself has said the panel has broad investigate purview, though in recent weeks said it was devised to probe legislative wrongdoing.