Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in an interview with our Time Warner Cable News colleagues in Syracuse called developer Donald Trump a “friend” but questioned whether he’ll actually jump into the race for governor.

“Where is his heart? Is his heart to run for president? Is his heart to run the Trump empire or is it to run for governor of this state?” Astorino said.

Trump has discussed a possible run for governor this year as “50-50” while Astorino, whose candidacy has been promoted by Republican Chairman Ed Cox, said today in the interview a decision will come by February.

“February is pretty much the point of no return,” Astorino said, adding that a yes or no decision would clarify the Republican field at that point.

As for Trump actually running, Astorino pointed out he’s toyed with previous campaigns before.

“If history repeats itself I’m sure he won’t run,” Astorino said. “Donald Trump and I have been friends for about 10 years. He’s got a golf course in Westchester County. He’s been a supporter of mine. He’s a great businessperson. He certainly knows how to market his name and get the publicity to drive up business.”

The county executive, who won a second term last year, will be in Albany Tuesday to be honored at a Republican reception. Trump was invited to attend, but declined to go after learning the evening was to “fete” Astorino, said political consultant Michael Caputo.

Asked if Trump would make a good governor, Astorino responded “I think so, if he ran, definitely” and then added there are many people on the GOP side who’d make good replacements for Cuomo.

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