Gov. Andrew Cuomo has made a tradition of taking some time in his otherwise serious State of the State address to poke fun at the legislative leaders.

Usually, he turns to Photoshop to accomplish this task.

In 2011, Cuomo depicted himself as the captain of a battleship and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver at the helms of smaller ships. And the so-called “special interests” the governor targeted during his first year in office? They were dropping bombs on his boat.

Then in 2012, Cuomo praised the deal he struck with lawmakers to lower tax rates to the lowest levels in more than 50 years, remarking that he was just “a tinkle in his father’s eye” when taxes were lower. He then flashed Photoshopped “portraits” of Skelos at age 4 and Silver at age 8, holding hands in a bipartisan manner.

Last year’s powerpoint joke focused on the governor’s announcement that the state would host a white water rafting competition called the Adirondack Challenge. Cuomo suggested there would be a competition between himself and his fellow legislative leaders.

He depicted Skelos and his new power-sharing partner, IDC Leader Jeff Klein, in same boat, but both paddling in opposite directions. He gave his own raft a motor, saying the State Police insisted he needed one to better respond to all of New York’s disasters.

This year, Cuomo did not disappoint in the humor department. He revisited the white water rafting race, (which his raft won, of course), and noted that neither Skelos nor Silver had shown up to compete. After a diligent search by the administration, which, Cuomo joked, included issuing milk cartons emblazoned with the missing leaders’ photos, the duo was found. Cue a Photoshopped picture of Skelos and Silver relaxing on the beach.

A good laugh was enjoyed by all. If you missed it, the video appears below.  Cuomo ended by extending an invitation to the leaders to join him in this summer’s Bassmaster Classic, Governor’s Challenge, which will be held Aug. 12 on Owasco Lake.

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