The sexual harassment scandals in the state Assembly need to be addressed on a systemic basis in order to restore public trust, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters on Monday.

“The public trust is eroded by this drip, drip, drip of bad acts, scandals, etc,” Cuomo said. “It erodes the public trust and when you erode the public trust you erode the public trust of government.”

But that systemic change for Cuomo does not include ending the speakership of Sheldon Silver, whose tenure has been rocked in recent months by three separate cases of sexual harassment, with allegations most recently surfacing last month involving western New York Assembly Dennis Gabryszak.

“I don’t think it’s about changing a person or a name, it’s about changing the rules as a recognition that it’s about changing the behavior,” Cuomo said.

Silver has been roundly criticized by Republicans for his handling of the harassment cases, especially the allegations leveled against now former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Silver has apologized for keeping confidential settlement money paid to Lopez’s accusers, but two more cases in recent months — including Gabryszak and Assemblyman Micah Kellner — have cropped up.

Cuomo wouldn’t criticize Silver’s handling of the harassment cases.

“It goes case by case I think he’s doing what he can do on these cases, but I think we have to change the rules,” he said.

He said legislators have to send the message to voters “I get it that’s not OK. I’m not tolerating it.”

“Yes, it’s a few bad apples but when you don’t address it systemically, now it’s all our problem,” he added.