Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office on Sunday released two months of schedules detailing his days in September and October.

Among the highlights:

Cuomo huddled with Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney and college administrators from Syracuse University and Columbia on Sept. 23. Mahoney is supportive of building a new sports arena for Syracuse, though Mayor Stephanie Miner wants to see more details before committing to the project.

On Sept. 18, Cuomo met in his New York City office with Moreland Commission co-chairs, Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, Onondaga DA William Fitzpatrick and attorney Milton Williams. The meeting came several days before a subpoena would be sent by the commission to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. The subpoenas are now being contested in state court.

On Sept. 10, Cuomo spoke on the phone with John Mack, the former Morgan Stanley CEO who is now leading the effort to attract overseas businesses through the START UP NY program.

On Sept. 16, Cuomo had two campaign-related events back-to-back that were held in Albany.

Cuomo also lists two campaign events on Oct. 3 and Oct. 30.

The governor in his New York City office also sat down with Speaker Sheldon Silver on Oct. 9.

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