Republican George Demos, the former SEC prosecutor who is running for the Suffolk County House seat held by Rep. Tim Bishop, has a TV ad taking a not-so-subtle swipe at his GOP primary opponent, state Sen. Lee Zeldin.

The Demos ad, being released this morning, doesn’t mention Zeldin by name.

But the 30-second spot knocks politicians in Washington, D.C. and in Albany.

“I’m George Demos, and like you I’m fed up with the go along to get along crowd in Albany and in Washington,” Demos says in the ad.

The ad is the second commercial he’s run so far. In the same announcement, Demos’s campaign announced it had raised $202,315 in the fourth fundraising quarter and has $2.1 million in cash on hand (Demos began the campaign with a $1 million personal loan).

“Voters of all political parties are fed up with the go along to get along politicians in Albany and Washington,” Demos Campaign Manager Kevin Tschirhart said. “This ad shows George Demos is not a politician. He’s one of us.”

The ad comes after state Republican Chairman Ed Cox took the rare step of criticizing Demos publicly in a statement, demanding that he clear the field for Zeldin (Cox’s son finished third in a Republican primary for the NY-1, a race that also featured Demos, in 2010).

Much of the state GOP establishment, as well as the county Republican apparatus, has coalesced around Zeldin’s candidacy.