The text of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fourth State of the State address calls for the creation of a universal pre-Kindergarten program statewide.

While the funding stream is not entirely clear, the governor is calling for a $2 billion “Smart Schools” bond referendum that will “enable long-term investments” in full day pre-Kindergarten as well as invest in new technology for classrooms.

Cuomo’s text notes that he pushed in last year’s address for the creation of universal full-day kindergarten. Now the governor says it’s “time to fulfill the State’s goal of truly “Universal Pre-Kindergarten” access for all children” in the text.

The call comes as newly elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio calls for a city-wide pre-K program to be paid for by a tax increase on those earning $500,000 and more.

Cuomo had previously said this week he would not mention the funding of universal pre-K in his State of the State address. (The bond act information is included in the book version of the State of the State address, which is traditionally far more detailed than the actually speech).

UPDATE: Cuomo did, in fact, mention pre-K. In fact, he called for universal pre-K statewide. He didn’t get into specifics, and he spoke about this in the context of the bond act. But he did mention it.

In addition, the governor is calling for a dedicated “Teacher Excellence Fund” to reward top-performing teachers.

Cuomo was introduced by a teacher from western New York (Cortland, to be exact), which was notable for two reasons: 1) He hasn’t had the best relationship with the teachers union over the years, as NYSUT did not endorse him in 2010, and 2) He continues to be focused on upstate, and WNY in particular, since that’s the only region of the state he lost during the 2010 campaign when he was running against Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino.