An analysis by the New York Public Interest Research Group of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fundraising this election cycle found small-dollar donations to his campaign account for less than one percent of his war chest.

The good-government group found Cuomo has raised $293,218 from 1,128 contributors, or .85 percent of all his money raised for his re-election campaign.

At the same time, 0.69 percent of all Cuomo re-election funds have come from individual donors, not corporate entities, who have given him less than $1,000, the analysis found.

By contrast, 45 percent of Cuomo’s money has come from 242 donors who have given him $40,000 and more during this period.

Cuomo 2014 on Wednesday announced the governor’s re-election campaign raised $7 million since July, or more than $1 million a month, bringing his cash-on-hand total to $33.3 million.

The numbers are striking, in part, because of the recent emphasis by national campaigns to seek small-dollar donations through the Internet. And naturally it will add more fuel to the fire for a public matching system to fund political campaigns in New York.

NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney will be a guest on Capital Tonight this evening.

Nypirg Cuomo Jan 2014 by Nick Reisman