The statewide teachers union gave Cuomo its first campaign contribution since he took office as governor, campaign finance records filed this week show.

The $10,000 check given in December to Cuomo is also the first the New York State United Teachers union has given him since 2009.

“I can confirm the amount and that its our first contribution since 2009, but I’m not going to categorize the reasons behind it,” said NYSUT spokesman Carl Korn.

Cuomo as a candidate for attorney general received tens of thousands of dollars from NYSUT, including a $33,900 contribution in 2006.

But the cash spigot turned off abruptly as Cuomo began gearing up for a gubernatorial campaign in 2010. NYSUT was one of the few unions to not back Cuomo’s election in 2010 and the relationship he’s had with the organization has been rocky at best.

In 2011, the NYSUT launched a million-dollar ad campaign opposing Cuomo’s first-year budget cut proposal to education.

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi in 2012 said in a Capital Tonight interview that the union would reassess its political giving to both Cuomo and some state officials in the wake of the passage of the new, less generous pension tier.

“We’re in the same place with respect to our involvement in campaign contributions,” Iannuzzi said at the time. “We have unquestionably we need to make real decisions before we before we involve ourselves with fundraisers moving forward.”

NYSUT last year filed a lawsuit to overturn the cap on local property tax increases, one of Cuomo’s signature economic achievements.