Just days after a two hour dinner meeting with Donald Trump inNew York City, Buffalo business man and 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is giving State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox a new ultimatum. 

Paladino has been pressuring Cox and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to step aside and unite behind the only man he thinks can beat Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump.  Paladino believes he’s responsible for what he described as Cox’s sudden change of heart on Trump.

“For two months he’s been endorsing Astorino, saying, ‘He’s running. He’s running. He’s running.’ He’s been endorsing him. Now he’s stepping back from his comments. Good for him,” Paladino said. 

Paladino was one of a handful of Upstate Republicans who took part in a two hour dinner meeting with Trump earlier this week. Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy and the two men who came up with the idea to “draft Trump,” State Assemblymen Bill Nojay and David DiPietro were also there. 

“We had a very enjoyable dinner and I’m very hopeful that we might have a candidate for the Republican Party,” Paladino said. 

Trump has recently said he would run but not if he has to take part in a primary. Despite sounding more open to a possible Trump candidacy, Cox has made it clear he has no intention of throwing his support behind any candidate before the convention.

Wednesday night, Paladino told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen, if Cox won’t clear the way for Trump, he should ask every potential candidate to unite behind the Republican who emerges at the convention.

“And once that candidate is chosen, the other candidates should lay down and go home peacefully. That will bring about party unity and by that time I think most of the RINO’s will have gone and backed Cuomo as they’ve been doing,” Paladino added. 

Speaking of those Paladino considers Republicans In Name Only, he continued to criticize the State Senate’s top Republican, Dean Skelos. Paladino believes the outcome of the convention may cause Skelos to endorse Governor Cuomo.

“All his godfathers are backing Cuomo. That’s interesting isn’t it?  Even the county executive of his home county is backing Cuomo,” Paladino added.