Democratic activist Bill Samuels is knocking Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest round of fundraising results today, saying that either the governor should include a donor-matching system in the upcoming budget presentation or rename the administration “Cuomo Inc.”

“Cuomo can’t have it both ways. Either he is a real campaign finance reformer or he isn’t. If he is a real reformer, he will move quickly to add small donor matching funds to his budget this session. If he isn’t, he should be honest with all New Yorkers that coddling corporations is far more than important to him than cleaning up Albany. It’s one or the other-it can’t be both,” Samuels said in a statement released through his EffectiveNY organization.

Cuomo’s campaign finance filing on Wednesday showed he had raised more than $7 million in the last six months, bringing his cash-on-hand total to $33.3 million.

Samuels in particular is taking aim at Cuomo raising funds from business and real-estate contributors and using the state Democratic Committee’s housekeeping account to further his legislative agenda.

“His failure to act is stunning. It’s made people question his commitment to his own reform package. The reality of his 2014 re-election fundraising contradicts his rhetoric and undermines his credibility. One could be forgiven for thinking that Cuomo is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporations and real-estate developers who fund him,” Samuels said.

Cuomo does support a public matching system as a remedy to the series of corruption scandals to hit state politics, but the measure has been blocked in the state Senate by Republicans uneasy with the use of taxpayer funds for political campaigns.

Cuomo again called for public financing in his State of the State address last week, while also reiterating his support for tougher anti-bribery laws and better enforcement at the state Board of Elections.