Sen. Greg Ball has been sending out near daily email fundraising appeals as the Jan. 11 cutoff date for the next financial filing due at the state Board of Elections looms.

The latest missive from the Hudson Valley Republican mentions the left’s new standard bearer – NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio – and raises the specter of the state Senate being taken over by like-minded downstate liberals.

“We have passed some great legislation, fought back huge tax increases and killed massive government expansions,” Ball wrote. “We have delivered for veterans, seniors, schools, local businesses, repealed the MTA Payroll tax and even passed a Tax Cap (sic).”

“We have made some progress, but there is much more to be done. But we MUST stop the New York City tax and spend liberals from taking over our Senate Chamber. They want free college tuition for illegals, complete firearm confiscation, massive tax hikes and drug legalization – and that is just the crazy part of their leftist agenda that they actually admit to!!”

“We don’t need the likes of Bill DeBlasio taking over every level of state government! Yet that is exactly what they intend to do, and that is why they are once again targeting this Senate seat.”

Democrat Justin Wagner, who ran against Ball in 2012, has declared his intention to mount a re-match this fall. Ball has so far declined to formally declare his candidacy for re-election, but he has said he will not be running for Congress. There has been some speculation that Ball might run for Putnam County Executive – a post currently occupied by his fellow Republican, Maryellen Odell, who is up for re-election this fall.

That would be ironic, since Ball succeeded Vincent Leibell in the state Senate. Leibell, as you’ll recall, was elected to the Putnam County executive’s office despite the fact that he was under investigation for public corruption. He was eventually convicted and never served a day in his local office.