Senate lawmakers on Monday released its findings on Monday of an effort to overhaul the state’s regulatory climate by making it more friendly to businesses in the state.

The commission’s findings, a product of the independent Democrats and Republicans who form the majority coalition, found “seemingly inherent problems” with state regulations and bureaucracy that make it difficult to do business.

“New York State has been labeled as ‘anti-business’ for more than a generation, and two items are consistently identified as chiefly responsible – taxes and regulations,” Sen. Pat Gallivan said. “A lot of air and ink have been spent outlining the state’s high-tax problem, but not nearly enough energy has been spent trying to combat New York’s job-killing regulatory structure. Over the course of our nine industry-specific hearings, my colleagues and I heard time and again from employers and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes about the myriad ways New York State is holding them back. Let this report be the first step towards a new standard in the Empire State, one where New York State is a champion of job creation and a partner for economic growth, rather than the roadblock it is today.”

State agencies should provide more guidance in navigating rules and should also work with businesses toward compliance, not penalizing, the report found.

At the same time, the report found the onus should be on state agencies to resound to permitting and licensing applications in a timely fashion

And the report recommends strengthening and revising the administrative procedures act, which governs how regulations are written.

The report can be found here.