On the eve of his much anticipated visit to Western New York potential gubernatorial candidate Donald Trump continued to pressure state Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to get behind him, or get out of his way.

Trump told WBEN’s Tom Bauerle Thursday Night that a Republican Primary would only work in Governor Cuomo’s favor.

“I do believe I’m the only one that can win. I believe I will win, but they’ve got to get behind me. I don’t want to fight someone who has no chance of winning and then get the nomination and you’re wounded. Because it’s going to be a very tough election,” Trump said.

Trump will appear at a sold out fundraiser for the Erie County Republican Committee Friday Night in Depew. Western New York has become a priority for any potential GOP contender.

It’s where Buffalo Businessman Carl Paladino launched a successful challenge to the party endorsed gubernatorial candidate in 2010.  Paladino fell to Cuomo in the general election.

“He was hurt badly by the lack of cohesion and by Ed Cox and all these characters are doing things up there,” said Trump.

Trump believes history is repeating itself.   

“How would you like to be running as a Carl Paladino, and you have a chairman – the head of the party – who tries to draft a Democrat, who tries to take someone from another party and pit them against you? And I thought that was so terrible and essentially the same thing is happening right now,” Trump said.

The Western New York Republicans that hatched the “Draft Trump” movement are calling on Cox to call on all interested parties to abide by the choice of the convention. 

Trump didn’t mention Astorino specifically but implied there are those more interested in raising their profile than defeating Governor Cuomo.

“What I don’t want is to go through a primary with people who have no chance of winning, that maybe want to build themselves up.  If they want to build themselves up that’s fine.  Good luck to them.  But they’re not going to win,” said Trump

Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is expecting more than 600 people for Friday’s reception. 

Langworthy, who hosted Astorino in Buffalo in December, admits Trump’s celebrity status gives this event a different feel.

“It’s created a tremendous amount of buzz here inWestern New York.   A lot of people are talking about this event and you don’t run into anyone who doesn’t know the name Donald Trump,” Langworthy said.

It’s a buzz that Trump hopes sends a clear message to Cox and Astorino.

“I won’t use names but if he (Langworthy) had the same kind of event for someone else, or some other people, there would be no one there.  It would be like death,” Trump added.