In the end he let it be*.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Buffalo today to unveil an investment with IBM to expand its footprint in the area, was asked about how the wife of the late John Lennon would feel if his killer, Mark David Chapman, received a college degree in prison.

“What would you say to Yoko Ono if Mark David Chapman calls and say I want a college education?” someone in a gaggle with reporters asked the governor, who is a Doors fan.

Cuomo did not flinch at the unusual question/pop culture reference.

But he did make a variation of the fiscal conservative argument that he made last week on the controversial proposal to allow college inmates to earn higher education degrees.

Cuomo urged opponents of the proposal to support it out of “self-interest” because it will be cheaper in the long run to provide a college education to inmates in order to lower the recidivism rate.

“If you were doing this on the numbers — it is cheaper, it is cheaper — to provide an education to a person while they’re in college because the recidivism rate comes way down,” Cuomo said. “So if you just wanted to save money and if you said I’m tired of paying taxes and the taxes are too high and I can’t pay taxes and pay for my kid’s tuition, it’s cheaper to provide an education in prison because the recidivism rate comes way down.”

He also acknowledged why some are so passionately opposed to the idea, but insisted the move will pay off in the long run.

“I understand the difficulty with the concept. I get it, but if you take a beat and say let’s assume you don’t care about the person in prison and yourself as a taxpayer, on the numbers it’s much less expensive to provide the education because the data show the recidivism rate goes way down,” he said.

Chapman is currently incarcerated in Erie County’s Wende Correctional Facility and in 2012 asked to be turned down for parole and was denied.

*Yes, I know that’s a Paul song.