New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights, an education advocacy group, is suing Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Board of Regents and state Education Commissioner John King, claiming the state has systematically shortgaged the public school system by failing failing to comply with an agreement that followed the landmark Campaign for Fiscal Equity Ruling of 2006.

The suit, filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, maintains the state is $4 billion behind in making good on the deal then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer struck in 2007 to settle CFE.

After the first two years of the phase-in of this agreement, however, the state first froze and then dramatically slashed aid for education, the suit notes, and in so doing, failed to fulfill its constitutional requirement to provide every student with a sound, basic education. The suit also alleges that the property tax cap successfully pushed through the Legislature by Cuomo has exacerbated the shortfalls in state education aid and denied districts the resources necessary to meet instructional needs.

The suit mentions the Common Core curriculum, noting additional federal funds districts have received through Race to the Top have constituted less than one-third of the amount needed for proper implementation, and the state has so far not provided additional funds to cover that cost, or the additional costs of the new teacher performance evaluation requirements.

A number of organizations have joined together to file this suit, including the state PTA, the state School Boards Association, the state Council of School Superintendents, the Rural Schools Association, the Statewide School Finance Consortium, and others.

During an interview with The Capitol Pressroom’s Susan Arbetter earlier today, Cuomo said the latest lawsuit challenging the way New York allocates education dollars is flawed because the state spends more money per pupil – on average – than any other state and doesn’t get top results. He also said – in a statement his spokeswoman declined to clarify – that he didn’t think former Gov. George Pataki lost the CFE lawsuit, adding: “I think most people would say he probably was victorious.”

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