Republican Congressional candidate George Demos in a radio released on Thursday continues to blast his GOP primary opponent Lee Zeldin for the funding of Obamacare in the state budget.

The line of attack has angered Zeldin supporters and Zeldin’s campaign has issue several statements noting that the approval of funding of the health care law was federal pass-through money in the state budget when casting votes as a state senator.

But Demos is not drawing any distinctions in his ad.

“Finally State Senator Lee Zeldin admitted he voted to use our tax dollars to fund Obamacare,” the ad says. “Zeldin says its only federal tax dollars – not state tax dollars. Those are different?”

The state Republican Party — which has publicly backed Zeldin — in a statement swiftly blasted the spot as inaccurate and went as far as to compare Demos to a sexually transmitted disease.

“The only person in CD 1 who ought to be ‘ashamed’ is George Demos, of himself. The only thing more outrageous than the absurd notion that Lee Zeldin ever supported Obamacare is George Demos’ carpetbagging, vanity candidacy funded by his rich, Pelosi-linked father-in-law,” said spokesman David Laska. “George Demos is the genital herpes of Long Island politics: he shows up at regular intervals, makes a terrible mess of things and disappears having accomplished nothing.”

Updated: In a tweet, Laska apologized for the comment.

“I apologize for the language I used this afternoon,” he said. “It was over the top and totally unbecoming of the State Party and its mission.”