The gun-control organization New Yorkers Against Gun Violence praised a proposal on Friday from Senate IDC Leader Jeff Klein on Friday that is meant to strengthen penalties for those who use a firearm near a playground.

“NYAGV supports Luisito’s Law, which imposes stiffer penalties on individuals who use guns in the vicinity of a playground. When our children can no longer feel safe in public parks and playgrounds, which should be safe havens, something is terribly wrong,” said Executive Director Leah Gunn Barrett. “Although New York has strong gun safety laws, there is more we can do to protect our children from gun violence and Luisito’s Law is a positive step forward.”

The measure was introduced by Klein and a fellow Bronx Democrat, Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda.

The bill would create new criminal charges for those who use a gun near a playground.

Those who fire a gun within 500 feet of a park, playground or schoolyard could be charged with a “class c” felony and face 3-1/2 to 5 years in prison.

The new charge of shooting a victim under the age of 10 would be created as well: a “class B” felony that comes with 5 to 25 years in prison.

The bill was introduced after the Aug. 30 wounding of Bronx 3-year-old Luisito Oyola, who was caught in the crossfire of a shooting at a park.

He survived, but supporters of the bill point to the rash of shootings at Bronx parks that have resulted in at least four other children being injured.