State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long on Monday blasted a web ad from GOP House candidate George Demos aimed at Republican state Sen. Lee Zeldin yokes him and Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop and Obamacare.

The web ad released this morning claims Zeldin and Bishop backed Obamcare implementation through budget votes.

Long, in a statement released by the Zeldin campaign, calls this false, given that it was federal pass-through funding.

“Senator Lee Zeldin has never voted to fund Obamacare,” Long said. “The bill that George Demos referenced, but obviously didn’t read and understand, accounted for the federal funding that came to the state as a result of Governor Cuomo’s executive order in April 2012 to unilaterally create the insurance exchange in New York. I find it laughable that the accompanying statement made sure to note that Demos has never voted for Obamacare. Of course, he hasn’t voted. He’s never been elected to a public position — there’s a reason for that.”

A previous TV ad had taken a similar route knocking Zeldin and Bishop for the budget vote.