Despite what appears to be a new effort to convince Carl Paladino to run for New York Comptroller the Buffalo Businessman says he has one focus right now.

“Getting Donald Trump to run for governor,” Paladino said.

The 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen, Tuesday night, he believes recent public comments by State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long are designed to put pressure on Trump.

“What they’re doing right now is playing cards. So Astorino and Cox and Mike Long, they’ve come out and they’ve said ‘Trump, make up your mind and tell us what you’re going to do.’  And I would expect that Mr. Trump is going to come out and say it very soon. He’s going to say that he’s running,” said Paladino.

It’s not just Trump’s potential competition that seems to be getting antsy.  Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is hoping to get some answers during an afternoon meeting with Trump, Wednesday in Manhattan.

“I guess what we’re looking for is a signal from Mr. Trump. Is he going to take those next steps and move ahead with this or not?” Langworthy asked.

Langworthy will join several other county republican chairs and the two Western New York State Assemblymen who came up with the “Draft Trump” idea at Trump Tower.  He expects others at the meeting to ask similar questions.

“The ball’s in Mr. Trump’s court on how serious he’s going to take this process. I mean is he going to take some tangible steps forward?”

Gaining Nick Langworthy’s support has seemed more important this election cycle than ever before.  Following Paladino’s successful primary win over Rick Lazio, Buffalo has been an important area for anyone considering a run for governor.

Langworthy’s committee has hosted both Astorino and Trump at fundraising events in the last few months.  Langworthy helped author Paladino’s successful primary bid four years ago but has no interest in a primary this time around.

“We’re into February and it’s time that we start rounding out our ticket. We ultimately will nominate candidates in May, but we have to recruit candidates for Comptroller and Attorney General for the state.  So it’s important we get clarity at the top of the ticket,” Langworthy said.

Paladino, who will not be attending Wednesday’s meeting, says Trump will not bend to what he called pressure from Mike Long, Dean Skelos, or anybody else.

“He’ll make his statement when he’s ready and I admire him for that. Donald Trump will demolish Andrew Cuomo. He’ll demolish people like Dean Skelos,” said Paladino.

As for Paladino’s future he declined to comment on speculation he’ll challenge Astorino on the Conservative Party Line if Trump drops out.  He also dismissed the effort to convince him to run for Comptroller, for now.

“They’re trying to divert my attention from Trump. I’ve been working really hard on getting Donald Trump to run for this and I feel very sincerely that he will. (I have) laser focus.  We’re doing it. We’re bringing all these county chairs there tomorrow and it’s going to be a nice conclave they’re going to have there in New York,” Paladino added.