The review of the health impact of high-volume hydrofracking will be released when Health Commissioner Nirav Shah is “comfortable” he told a joint Assembly-Senate budget panel.

Shah, who was grilled for more than three hours on Monday by the committee, insisted he wasn’t delaying the delivery of a final report to Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Nirav Shah assessing the impacts of fracking on human health.

But when that report will be released is anyone’s guess, including Shah’s.

“It’s not in the near in the future where I can predict it,” he said during a back-and-forth with Senate Finance Committee Chairman John De Francisco. “I can’t say it’s going to be this month.”

“Somehow I expected that answer,” DeFrancisco responded.

Shah’s review of the impacts of hydrofracking began in 2012, following the state missing a series of self-imposed deadlines to develop an impact assessment and regulations governing high-volume fracking.

At the time, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens wrote in a letter to Shah that the permitting for fracking can still go forward based on the results of the health review.

But lawmakers on the budget panel were frustrated that they — and the public — haven’t had access to the information Shah has been reviewing over the last 19 months.

At one point, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, presented Shah with a stack of more than 100 different studies on hydrofracking.

“We’re looking at ongoing, existing studies that impact health related to high-volume hydrofracking. To the extent that there were 40 such studies published last year, we are reviewing them,” Shah said.

He added that one of the complicating factors has been the shifting nature of the natural-gas industry and the differing studies that been released, calling it a “moving target.”

“It’s a work in progress,” Shah said. “What I’ve said in the past, with human health I’m not willing to take any chances.”

Speaking with reporters after testifying, he insisted there hasn’t been any involvement or political from the governor’s office on the review.

“He’s let science lead the way,” Shah said. “He has not in any form impacted it. And when I asked for more time, he said, OK, have more time.”

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