Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he doesn’t want to micromanage the specific locations of charter schools around the state and dismissed claims he’s trying to take over New York City schools as “silly.”

“I’m not getting into specifics of this school should be here or this school should be there,” he said.

Cuomo would not say if the charter schools legislation should be part of a finalized budget deal.

“It can be done in the budget, or it can be done as a normal bill,” Cuomo said.

The governor in recent weeks has pivoted to the charter schools issue after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rescinded the co-locations of three charter schools.

Cuomo last week said he would support “protections” for charter schools that would prohibit local elected officials from blocking charter schools’ growth.

“I want to make sure the system has the protection,” he said on Monday at a news conference. “I want to make sure the charter school movement can continue and grow.”

Asked about the claims from advocates opposed to charter schools that the move amounted to “gubernatorial control” of city schools, Cuomo shrugged.

“I think that’s a little silly,” he said.