Queens Democratic Sen. Mike Gianaris on Thursday yoked Senate Republicans to the socially conservative positions of gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino, encouraging reporters to ask GOP lawmakers whether they agree with the candidate’s stance on abortion, gay rights and gun control.

“What we know is Rob Astorino is a very right-wing wolf masquerading in very moderate sheep’s clothing,” Gianaris told reporters at the Capitol. “This is someone who is against a woman’s right to choose, wants to roll back protections for gay and lesbian New Yorkers, wants to roll back some of the important achievements in public safety such as the SAFE Act. It’s something those who want to run with him have to answer for. So for the Senate Republicans I would say the important question is do they agree with their candidate? Do they agree with Rob Astorino?”

Astorino, indeed, holds conservative views when it comes to abortion and gay marriage, and is oppose to the gun control law known as the SAFE Act.

But he has sought to emphasis fiscal issues in a Democratic heavy state like New York. Astorino has also pointed to his victories in two county executive races in the Democratic heavy Westchester County suburb as a sign that the social positions haven’t held him back.

But for Gianaris, the chairman of the Democrat’s fundraising committee, the play is clear: Tying Astorino’s candidacy to the Senate Republicans — whose members range from the generally moderate to conservative — could help in legislative elections.

“He is as radical as they come,” he said of Astorino. “This is not George Pataki running for office in the mid-90s who ran and governed as a moderate. This is someone whose positions are extreme and will hurt New York.”

Still, it’s unclear whether the top-of-ticket would truly impact a legislative race. Republicans in 2010 regained control of the Senate — albeit by a razor-thin margin — despite Carl Paladino being at the top of the ticket and Cuomo’s landslide.

Cuomo himself as reportedly suggested that Senate Republicans should not back Astorino for governor given that he would unleash his campaign war chest and paint the GOP with a broad brush as being out-of-step with most New Yorkers on social issues.

Cuomo has worked well with Republicans in the state Senate, who in turn have allowed votes on gun control and same-sex marriage.