As usual, state lawmakers don’t expect Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue a message of necessity to speed up the budget aging process.

The legislative leaders — Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, GOP Leader Sen. Dean Skelos and IDC Leader Jeff Klein — emerged from the second closed-door meeting in as many days with Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wednesday afternoon.

“The governor has traditionally — this governor — has determined he does not issue messages of necessity,” Silver said.

Messages of necessity would waive the required three-day aging process for bills to sit on lawmakers’ desks.

Cuomo has sought to scale back the use of messages, but has exercised them for high-profile bills such as same-sex marriage and his gun control legislation.

The budget is due by the end of this month, meaning an agreement on the budget would likely have to come at the end of next week at the latest in order to achieve an “on-time” budget.

Silver said he was hopeful for an agreement as early as Monday.

“I would like to see it printed and wrapped up Monday night, but at worst it have to be completed by next Monday,” he said.

The lawmakers gave little in the way of specifics, but did say measures ranging from property tax relief, tax cuts and the Dream Act remain in the mix during negotiations.

Silver, who typically does most of the talking with reporters after these meetings, said he expects table targets released sometime this evening.

As for a spending figure on universal pre-Kindergarten, Silver acknowledged that lawmakers and Cuomo were “discussing ranges.”