Sen. Tom Libous in an interview took a conciliatory tone on medical marijuana, saying it’s an issue that he’s “doing my homework on.”

Libous, the number two Republican in the state Senate and a cancer patient who undergoes regular cancer treatments, said he’s studying the issue and speaking with his team of doctors about it.

“I’m doing my homework,” he said. “I actually just had a chemo treatment on Wednesday and had a long talk with my oncologist.”

He added that doctors were clear they’re opposed to marijuana or THC ingested by smoking it, but were more open to the idea of taking in pill form or through a vaporizer.

“I’m learning, I want to understand more on it,” he said.

Asked Libous if he would ever consider using medical marijuana, Libous said, “I hope I don’t have to.”

The comments come as six Senate Republicans have joined a measure that would create a medical marijuana program in the state, most recently Sen. Tom O’Mara, who represents a neighboring Senate district of Libous.

Assembly Democrats plan to include the medical marijuana measure — known as the Compassionate Care Care — in its one-house budget proposal this week.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports a limited medical marijuana program that would be administered under strict guidelines by the Department of Health.

Cuomo in December said he would lay down the guidelines for the proposal in an executive order.