The full 55-page page Senate budget resolution was released late Thursday afternoon that includes a modified version of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s property tax plan called “Freeze Plus.”

According to the proposal, the Senate will offer $800 million in property tax relief, with a total of $1.4 billion over the next two years.

At the same time, the proposal would make the 2 percent limit on property tax increases permanent.

But at the nub at the proposal is increased state aid as a reward to local governments and school districts that budget within the tax cap.

The Senate resolution backs a plan that would make local governments and schools that stay within the property tax cap eligible for an amount of aid to bring the levy to the prior year level over the first two years of the program.

In order to receive aid in the third year and in the future, the local governments and districts would need to continue to live within the cap.

But there are cost controls built in: School districts and localities must provide “efficiency plans” to show how they are making structural savings.

Aid from the state is contingent on the plans being approved by Albany. The cost-savings plans can include shared services and consolidation actions dating back to 2012, the first year the cap was in place, including current and out-year savings.

The Assembly has rejected Cuomo’s property tax freeze plan entirely, and is instead pushing a circuit-breaker proposal that ties increases to a household’s income.

Cuomo’s proposal would send the money directly to a property taxpayer the difference of the increases over the two years, amounting to a freeze in any increases.

Local government leaders as well as labor officials have expressed unease with the Cuomo tax freeze plan, even as he has lobbied heavily on the issue, including a series of TV ads airing across the state.

Resolution Master 3-13-14 5.10pm by Nick Reisman