State Democrats reacting to the news that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is entering the race for governor took a dig at the GOP’s penchant for primaries.

State Democratic Party spokesman Peter Kauffmann in a statement didn’t even mention Astorino by name, but spoke of an “entertaining primary process.”

“We look forward to an entertaining Republican primary process and are ready to to run against whomever their nominee is in September.”

Republicans, of course, had a rather “entertaining” primary in 2010, when Carl Paladino defeated the party’s designated candidate, former Rep. Rick Lazio, for the GOP nomination. Paladino would go on to lose in a landslide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

For now, Astorino is the only Republican officially declared in the race, though Donald Trump has claimed he is interested in running. Paladino, too, has indicated he would run for governor on an independent ballot line.

Democrats in Westchester County, meanwhile, wasted little time to knock Astorino.

The county party formed an Astorino “truth squad” to criticize his record in the suburban county.

“Rob Astorino failed to tell the truth about property taxes, he mislead Westchester voters when he promised to do his job as county executive, and there are certainly more false statements to come. We are launching the Astorino Truth Squad to set the record straight and let the people of New York know that what Rob Astorino says is almost never what he does,” said County Legislator Ken Jenkins.