As David Paterson proved, lieutenant governors do indeed matter.

There are a few molds that newly minted Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino can choose from: Someone who brings either money, regional balance or diversity to the Republican candidate.

Here are a few potential choices, based on conversations this morning with a few in-the-know observers:

Assemblywoman Jane Corwin: The western New York lawmaker checks literally every box. As the wealthiest member of the state Legislature, she would offer an upstate counterbalance to Astorino’s suburban New York City roots. Adding a woman to the ticket could help Astorino counter the attacks from abortion-rights groups that are already knocking his conservative stance on the issue. The downside is that she lost a close special election to Democratic Rep. Kathy Hochul and never really found her footing in a race that hinged on Paul Ryan’s austerity budget plan.

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin: The Albany-area Republican has been one of the fiercest critics of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, taking to Twitter to vent his frustration about various administration policies. He’s affable and as a businessman in the solar energy industry could attack the governor on the economic issues. McLaughlin even considered running for governor himself before more or less concluding he couldn’t raise the money. Conservative activists in the state also like him. However, McLaughlin as mentioned has no money and stuck his foot in his mouth when he said Cuomo’s legislative tactics would make Hitler and Mussolini proud. He later apologized.

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro: Another popular Republican rising star, but it seems unlikely he’d join the ticket that already features Astorino, who has a similar resume.

Donald Trump: Just kidding, probably not.