A web video released on Tuesday by Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino charges Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s main goal is to accumulate power and that he runs a “cover-your backside administration.”

He also makes the unsubstantiated — if not outright false — claim that Cuomo’s reported involvement in the Moreland Commission is under federal investigation by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

In the video, Astorino says the various Cuomo-led initiatives from the START-UP NY tax-freeze program, the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption and a property-tax rebate program “all ties together.”

“It shows what Andrew Cuomo has sadly always been about: Power. Accumulating it, keeping it, meting it out to punish, intimidate, and reward,” Astorino says in the video. “That’s the Andrew Cuomo insiders have always known and feared, and the public is now getting a peek for itself. It will get more if the press keeps digging. There’s no vision or ideology here; it’s all about power, which has never been a formula for good.”

The video, in short, is Astorino tossing the kitchen sink at Cuomo.

And while the claim that Bharara has launched an “investigation” isn’t the case at least publicly, the mere mention of it shows that Astorino will use the news that the federal prosecutor is looking taking up where the Moreland Commission left off will continue to be a matter the Westchester County executive will raise during the campaign.

Updated: The anti-Astorino Truth Squad responded to the video.

“Perhaps it’s all that altitude sickness from the jet setting Mr. Astorino does outside of Westchester County that prompted this latest angry little tirade,” said Mike Morey, spokesman for the Truth Squad. “Or perhaps it’s just that Mr. Astorino doesn’t much care whether people realize what we already know in Westchester: he’s an untruthful, non-credible, angry man.”

Power Corrupts from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.