Westchester County executive and GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino couldn’t help but give a dig to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday following his statements on his involvement the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.

Cuomo, speaking with Crain’s Business last week, defended his decision to close down the anti-corruption panel as well as claims his office directed subpoenas noting it was essentially a creature of the executive branch.

“It’s not a legal question. The Moreland Commission was my commission,” Cuomo said. “It’s my commission. My subpoena power, my Moreland Commission. I can appoint it, I can disband it. I appoint you, I can un-appoint you tomorrow.”

Astorino, speaking at a Crain’s breakfast forum earlier in the day, mocked the comment, according to prepared remarks:

“I know the governor had a good interview with Crain’s a few days ago. He doesn’t always sit for interviews, but Crain’s is a must. Well, in the spirit of Mr. Cuomo’s interview I want to make one thing clear from the outset this morning: ‘The remarks I make here are MY remarks. MINE. I OWN them. I made them and I can take them away!’