Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday issued 483 vetoes of specific line-item spending approved in the 2014-15 state budget.

The $138 billion budget plan, adopted just before the April 1 deadline, included last-minute re-appropriations of old member items, also known as legislative pork.

Much of the spending Cuomo is striking out of the budget, 328 different appropriations all together, is for re-appropriated items in which the spending has been exhausted, and 22 items vetoed have remaining balances of $1,000 or less.

Meanwhile, the budget included 19 re-appropriations that are duplicates and four have been previously vetoed.

Six are new appropriations wrongly characterized as re-appropriations, while another half dozen were deemed unconstitutional alterations to spending changes.

Gov. David Paterson began the policy of removing new member items from the state budget, and Cuomo has continued that push by now allowing new earmarked spending (Though old member items remain in the spending plan for as long as they are funded).

The end of new member items has been much to the chagrin of some lawmakers, though agreements have been quietly floated in the past to end of the member item ban to no avail.

Final Ve to Report by Nick Reisman