From the morning memo, the second item:

A memo from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s director of intergovernmental affairs, Emma Wolfe, takes something of a victory lap on the state budget.

De Blasio and his team have been pointing to the $300 million in funding for universal pre-K in this year’s state budget as a major win for the rookie mayor.

De Blasio had campaigned on the push for a tax hike for those earning $500,000 and more a year in order to fund the program.

The mayor had later said he would support $540 million in funding from the state without the tax. Essentially, de Blasio said, he wanted a secured, dedicated funding stream.

And in the memo from Wolfe — who has served as de Blasio’s emissary to the Capitol — it’s pointed out that skepticism ruled the day as the mayor stumbled out of the gate and appeared to be outplayed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The Mayor’s fight for universal pre-K and afterschool was not without its fair share of detractors,” Wolfe wrote. “For months, opponents and naysayers cast doubt on the viability and wisdom of the plan, arguing that the Mayor should aim lower and not base his signature issue on Albany’s whims.”

She added, “Skepticism was high, but the Mayor kept his eye on the prize.”

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