The labor-backed Working Families Party is decidedly lukewarm on giving Gov. Andrew Cuomo its ballot line as he runs for re-election.

Indeed, the party, which has never run a candidate of its own, has not ruled out endorsing someone else this election year as its rank-and-file remain restive over Cuomo’s fiscal agenda over the last three years.

Nevertheless, the WFP found a way to give Cuomo some props this week, praising his signing of a measure that would add New York to the states in the national popular vote compact.

Here’s the statement, released last night:

“Today’s signing advances the effort to reclaim the democratic value of a New Yorker’s vote on the highest level. Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature provide momentum to a National Popular Vote effort designed to rescue the vast majority of states from irrelevancy in our presidential contests. For too long, the the status quo has penalized New York for being progressive. Today’s move brings us towards a fairer, more just system of electing our President where one person really does equal one vote,” said Bill Lipton, State Director for the Working Families Party.

A thaw? Perhaps not. But it’s a sign the WFP and Cuomo relationship while strained isn’t completely broken just yet.