What if the public financing proposal wasn’t just statewide, but all incumbents opted in to the program?

The result would mean $22.8 million would essentially be off the table for the coming election, according to an analysis from the New York Public Interest Research Group’s Bill Mahoney.

Of course, that’s not the case with the budget agreement, which included a state comptroller-only program that incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli will not participate in.

The bulk of the money would likely either have to be returned to the high-dollar contributors who gave them or it would have to be withheld from being spent.

But if he did, it would mean a loss of 73 percent of his cash on hand, $1.5 million.

If the program applied to Attorney General Eric Scheiderman, his coffers would lose $4.3 million, or 72 percent of his funds.

And for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it would mean $17 million, or 51 percent of his cash.