Sen. Lee Zeldin on Wednesday launched his TV ad of his 2014 congressional campaign in the NY-1.

The ad, which is similar to a radio spot he began airing earlier in the year, touts the partial repeal of the MTA payroll tax during Zeldin’s state Senate tenure and his opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

In Albany, Lee led the fight to repeal the MTA payroll tax, secure other big victories for our veterans, sportsmen, and families. And Lee has never supported Obamacare and never will.

His Republican primary opponent, George Demos, has accused Zeldin of supporting legislation at the state level that funds Obamacare and the state’s health exchange.

The measures approved federal pass-through money for the state exchange, and Senate Republicans balked at approving legislation to create the system (Gov. Andrew Cuomo would create it through an executive order).

The winner of the primary takes on Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop in the Suffolk County House district.

Updated: Demos campaign manager Kevin Tschirhart responding to the ad saying “It’s really sad what’s happening to Lee Zeldin. His new television commercial calls for the ‘replacement’ of Obamacare with some new national healthcare system. Perhaps we should call it Zeldincare? Voting for Obamacare on March 27, 2013, and again this week and then trying to hide the truth is not who Lee Zeldin used to be. Sadly, it’s who Lee Zeldin has become.”