Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office on Friday issued another round of fiscal stress scores for upstate cities, an announcement that also means all local governments and schools in the state have been assigned scores indicating their financial health.

“Since implementing the system last year, we have evaluated the fiscal condition of nearly 2,300 municipalities and school districts across the state,” said DiNapoli. “This information has been well-received by local officials and taxpayers and it’s clear that we have created a tool that has helped them better understand their community’s true financial picture. But our work is not done. The value in our system will be borne out over time as it helps guide local budgeting decisions and the development of long-term financial plans.”

The system uses percentage scores to evaluation fiscal stress: significant fiscal stress (65-100%), in moderate fiscal stress (55-65%), is susceptible to fiscal stress (45-55%), or no designation (below 45%).

The scores released today include 15 cities and vilages that have fiscal years ranging March 31 to July 31.

At this point, 142 municipalities in the state have some degree of stress, including 16 counties, 18 towns, five cities, 16 villages and 87 school districts.

The ratings can be found here.