Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino wasted little time in criticizing former Rep. Kathy Hochul, the freshly nominated running mate for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Astorino was in Rochester last night, where our TWC News colleagues asked him if his selection of Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss forced Cuomo to want to diversify the ticket.

Moss is the first black candidate to run statewide as a Republican.

Hochul joins a ticket that up until now was exclusively male, white and from downstate.

“You’re going to have to ask Andrew Cuomo,” Astorino said. “I’m proud of my running mate. Chris Moss is amazing. He’s president of the Sheriff’s Association in New York and has done an amazing job in Chemung County. He’s going to be a great partner. I can’t think of a better person than a sheriff to clean up the corruption in Albany.”

But Astorino also picked up on a line of attack for her current work at M&T Bank.

“His pick is an outsourcing lobbyist,” Astorino said. “That’s what she does for business people. She outsources. But it’s in line with Andrew Cuomo. He outsources New Yorkers to other states. We’ve got 400,000 New Yorkers that have left this state, so I think they’ll make a good ticket.”

It’s ironic, in part, given that Hochul knocked her 2012 opponent, Republican Chris Collins, for his business ties to outsourcing labor to China.

Collins ultimately unseated Hochul that year for the deeply Republican Congressional district that stretches from Buffalo to Rochester.

Both Cuomo and Hochul will make their state Democratic convention debut this morning in Melville for the final day of the two-day confab.

Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy was perhaps more direct in his reaction to why Cuomo selected Hochul, saying the gender balance was needed for the Democratic ticket.

“I think he needed to show some level of diversity,” Erie County Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy said. “They had a 100 percent white male ticket going into today, so I think from that perspective he’s made a sound choice.”