As Rob Astorino begins his run for governor, his record as the leader of suburban Westchester County is coming into focus.

Astorino unseated a three-term Democratic incumbent in 2009, winning big again in 2013. It’s those victories in Democratic heavy territory that Astorino says can translate to a statewide win.

“We’ve been able to work in the legislature in a bipartisan way,” Astorino said in an interview last week. “We’ve been able to work with the business community. We’ve been able to work with the trade unions. and we’ve been able to move forward and get things done. in a collaborative way.”

But as Astorino is to be designated the new GOP nominee for governor here in Rye Brook, not everyone is convinced.

Democrats in Westchester continue to criticize Astorino for his opposition to an affordable housing settlement with the federal government.

“Well, he’s put ideology before people,” said Peter Harckham, a Democratic county legislator. “The county is currently in violation of the federal housing settlement because of actions specifically taken by the county executive. “The federal housing settlement because of actions specifically taken by the county executive.”

The housing controversy was the subject of an early attack ad from state Democrats, with a pair of ads released last month.

Astorino responded in a web video, but last week referred to the attack ads as “games.”

“They can play all the partisan games they want, but we’re going to move our message forward not only in Westchester but take that message around New York state,” he said.

And his fellow Republicans come to Astorino’s defense on the housing issue, noting it hasn’t hurt him win twice in the Democratic heavy county.

“He’s really stuck up for the residents of Westchester,” said John Testa, a GOP county lawmaker.

Astorino, too, has won some legislative successes, pointing to holding the line on taxes and spending in a notoriously expensive county to live in.

“Rob’s had an excellent record,” said Republican county legislator Michael Smith. “I mean, he’s gotten done everything he’s set out to do.”