A resolution that would have urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reject the Independence Party ballot line this fall was quashed on Wednesday in an executive committee vote.

Meanwhile, committee members also passed on approving a resolution that would urged the Senate Independent Democratic Conference to rejoin the mainline conference fold and end the majority coalition in the chamber that has allowed Republicans to retain power.

The IDC resolution had been proposed by the progressive caucus within the state Democratic Party.

The resolution urging Cuomo to reject the ballot was brought Nassau County Chairman Jay Jacobs, a former party chairman who has emerged as a vocal critic of the Independence Party.

In an interview before the vote, Jacobs told me he expected the measure to be ultimately tabled, but wanted to raise the issue that the Independence Party has exerted too much influence on both parties.

He predicted that the measure would be ultimately tabled.

Instead, it was narrowly voted down, 21 to 20.