Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday said there was “confusion” over the timeline of his accepting the Independence Party nomination.

To rehash from last week: Cuomo told reporters in Cooperstown on Thursday that he would make a decision on the Independence Party’s nomination “down the road.”

Documents filed with the state Board of Election show, however, that Cuomo signed off on paperwork to take the Independence line when he was in Suffolk County, where he was earlier in the day for the state Democratic convention.

The Independence Party on Friday announced Cuomo had won their endorsement, along with his running mate, former Rep. Kathy Hochul, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Cuomo’s Republican opponent, Rob Astornio, seized on the contradiction, saying the governor was “caught in a lie” about accepting the ballot line.

Cuomo presented his own timeline of the events leading up to the endorsement, saying he signed the documents just in case.

“I think there was some confusion,” Cuomo told reporters after an event at Grand Central Terminal today. “I signed a batch of paperwork before I left the office. Part of that was the documents for the Independence Party. We then had to decide later on what we were actually going to about the Independence Party. Part of it was I was going to see what they were going to do — where they going to nominate me and also who else where they going to nominate?”

He added, “We were going to have the conversation at a later time which we did have and I decided to take the endorsement.”

Documents show both Schneiderman and DiNapoli had pre-signed their acceptance of the Independence Party designation earlier in the week before the formal approval.

Cuomo added he was waiting to see what the party did, in part, because they could have gone with another candidate.

“It depended on the facts,” Cuomo said. “First, was I going to be offered the nomination because there was some talk they might do another candidate and second who else was I going to be on the ticket with.”

Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay told me in an interview last week that Astorino was never under serious consideration for their ballot line.

“We’ve been steadfastly behind Gov. Cuomo,” MacKay said.

Cuomo insisted that he would not have taken the line had the party not given its nod to the full Democratic slate.

“I’m comfortable running as part of that ticket,” the governor said. “I would not have wanted to run on a mixed ticket. If they had nominated someone else for one of the other offices, I would not have accepted the line. The ticket they endorse was actually a mirror image of the Democratic ticket.”