Comptroller Tom DiNapoli took the stage at the Democratic Convention to Pharrell’s “Happy” — pushing a comparison to Al Smith and the “Happy Warrior” moniker.

DiNapoli was designated as the party’s preferred candidate for another term as comptroller, and in a speech touted his record over the last several years that he says has focused on transparency and independent oversight of the state budget.

“We’ve used our clout to press for great corporate responsibility on a host of issues including campaign disclosure, climate change and LGBT concerns,” DiNapoli said.

He also noted the state’s pension fund has reached in all-time high after dipping during the economic recession.

“Unlike so many other states are plan is well-funded and sustainable,” he said.

And he reiterated his opposition to any changes to the state’s pension system that would move toward a defined contribution plan.

“When some suggest we replace defined benefit plans for police officers, our firefighters and our nurses, I say no way, not on my watch, we’re not going to go there,” DiNapoli said.

DiNapoli was first elevated to the comptroller post in 2007 after the resignation of Alan Hevesi.

DiNapoli won narrowly in 2010 over Republican Harry Wilson.

This year, he faces Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci, who has opted into a program of public financing as laid out by the year’s budget agreement.

DiNapoli has railed agains the public financing deal for not going far enough, along with having it introduced in the middle of an election cycle.

He didn’t mention the public financing issue in his speech to Democrats here in Melville, but in an interview earlier this morning said he was hoping for a broader agreement this legislative session.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not endorse DiNapoli’s re-election in 2010.

I asked DiNapoli earlier if he expects a Cuomo endorsement this time around.

“We run as a team,” DiNaoli said, adding he was backing the full slate of candidates.