UPDATE: According to the D&C, LG Bob Duffy has formally informed the governor that he won’t be seeking re-election this fall.

Rensselaer County Executive Kathy Jimino was approached to be GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s running mate. She’s not interested.

It seems Astorino is having some trouble finding someone to run as his No. 2.

Astorino joined the #bringbackourgirls campaign.

Even at a diner, Chris Cuomo cannot escape the shadow of his political famous father and brother.

Worth watching: The Senate debate over whether to making yogurt the state’s official snack food.

Sen. Joe Robach is now a co-sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act (the medical marijuana bill) – the first Republican to formally sign on to the measure.

Sen. Daniel Squadron quoted singers who played at the “12-12-12” Hurricane Sandy relief concert on the Senate floor.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is confident the Buffalo Bills will continue to remain successful in Western New York, but thinks to do so requires a new stadium.

New York City teacher Brian Jones will seek the Green Party’s nomination for LG.

NYC Councilman Ruben Wills: ” I am not resigning on charges, this is America, people. We are presumed  innocent before we are proven guilty.”

Richard Ball, a Schoharie County farmer, was unanimously confirmed by the Senate as the new Agriculture commissioner.

A public memorial service will be held on May 29 at Riverside Church for the late Basil Paterson.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast to assemble a “Transportation  Reinvention Commission” to examine the agency ahead of the development of a capital plan.

AG Marty Jackley says South Dakota has joined 21 other states in a brief filed in an appellate court challenging the constitutionality of the New York SAFE Act.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco took a selfie with Union College’s championship men’s hockey team.

Lynne Cheney wondered if Hillary Clinton is behind the reappearance of Monica Lewinsky, suggesting she’s trying to “get that story out of the way” before 2016.

“There is something new and remarkable about the de Blasios – their choice to live as public figures nakedly, with their struggles and conflicts exposed.”

Both the Senate and Assembly have passed a bill to boost the availability of Naloxone, a drug that reverses heroin overdoses.

Speaking of selfies, here’s one of Rep. Louise Slaughter.