…also from today’s memo:

The biggest news coming out of the GOP convention is that there’s very little to report on in the way of strife.

That’s a big switch from four years ago, when the party was duking it out over who should run against the Democratic frontrunner, then-state AG Cuomo.

This time around, as the Republicans go about their business in the very same hotel where Cuomo was unanimously nominated by his fellow Democrats four years ago, the message is all about unity and being focused on a single goal: Winning in November.

There was just a hint of discord last night, however, as Republicans were forced to choose between remaining here in Rye Brook to attend state GOP Chairman Ed Cox’s convention dinner, featuring Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, (who, by the way, is facing an uphill battle for re-election himself this fall), and driving to Long Island to pay their respects to the powerful Nassau County GOP chairman, Joe Mondello.

Mondello, who preceded Cox as state GOP chairman, did not attend Day One of the convention. Instead, he remained home on Long Island to prepare for his big $200-a-head fundraising dinner, held at the Crest Hollow County Club last night.

Not a few Republicans made the drive from Westchester to Nassau County to attend Mondello’s event, including several candidates. AG contender John Cahill was spotted in the crowd, as were Astorino and his new running mate, Sheriff Moss.

A Republican operative present at the county club said Mondello’s event was very well attended, estimating the crowd at about 2,000.

He also dismissed any suggestion of lingering bad blood between Mondello and Cox, who essentially forced the Nassau County chairman from his post as head of the state party back in 2009.

“If anyone tries to cast this as Mondello still being pissed as Cox over the chairmanship, it totally isn’t,” the operative said. “It’s not a power grab. It’s just a freakin’ scheduling glitch. This event has been on the calendar for at least eight months.”

After Cox announced his intention to seek the state chairmanship, Mondello bowed out, and – along with most of the GOP establishment – backed then Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek.

But Cox out worked Wojtaszek, and won the battle. He has held onto the chairmanship – despite grumbling and never-realized threats to remove him – ever since.